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In the basement of the Hospedería de los Parajes, this space is reserved for relaxation and health and beauty treatments.

Our tour begins with a power shower, one of aromatherapy, Turkish bath, ice fountain and jacuzzi, which awaken the senses in a world of sensations and body relaxation.

ENTRY PRICE per person: 20 €
DURATION: 1 hour

We have a very detailed list of massages and complete programs.


A selection of personalized massages and treatments to complete full service SPA. Each of them are carefully prepared and supervised by qualified professionals.

Choose yours and make your stay in our guesthouse a unique and unforgettable


Hot oil massages and aromatherapy

Relaxation (lavender, jasmine), muscular decontraction (rosemary), anticellulitis or improved circulation (mint), pre or post natal massages (virgin almond oil), lymphatic drainage.
25 minutes: 34€ // 55 minutes: 51€

Choice of massages

1.Energizing head massage: relieves headache and tensions.
2.Works through reflex points to correlating body parts.
3.Hot Stone Massage: neurosedative effect
4.Good mood massage: with pure hot chocolate
25 minutes: 35€ // 50 minutes: 55€

Massages for infants

Infant Massage (3 months to 4 years)
20minutes: 32€ //

Chocolate Baby (infant massage with hot pure chocolate
(from 4 to 16 years)
20 minutes: 34€ //

Hands and feet

Beauty treatment for hands: 30 minutes: 15€ //
Beauty treatment for feet: 30 minutes: 20€ //
Beauty treatment for hands with wine/oil: 50 minutes: 25€ //
Beauty treatment for feet: 60 minutes: 40€ //

Peeling Exfoliantes

Body scrub with natural grape and olive oil. Moisturizing and regenerating.
Exfoliation with any of the following products: chocolate, olives, grapes. Moisturizes and nourishes.
25 minutes: 32€ //

Body wraps - Sensation wrap

Cryogenic: Refreshing and decongestive wrap based on seaweed; facilitates circulation.
Seaweed: activates the metabolism helping to eliminate toxins and remodels the figure thanks to its anti cellulitic and heat properties.
Seaweed: activates the metabolism helping to eliminate toxins and remodels the figure thanks to its anti cellulitic and heat properties.
Chocolate: Nutritional and remodelling properties.
35 minutes: 42€ //

Wine bath: Hydromassage bath enriched with salts and wine extract. Improves blood circulation and foments relaxation and wellbeing.
25 minutes: 22€ //

Facial Treatments

Facial Hygiene - 60 minutes: 55€ //
Personalized Facials: with wine or with olives - 50 minutes: 50€ //
Sensation facial wine and olives- 30 minutes: 35€ //

Hair removal

Upper Lip. 15 minutes: 6€ //
Lips or Eyebrows. 30 minutes: 8€ //
Eyebrow design, underarm or public hair removal. 15 minutes: 9€ //
Half legs. 25 minutes: 15€ //
Full legs. 40 minutes: 20€ //
Arms. 25 minutes: 12€ //


Facial hialurórico acid (New!)

Facial hialurórico acid with Japanese massage Kobido
1h 30´ minutes: 80€ //

Wine therapy

Exfoliantion with grapes
Mud with wine and grape pulp
Massage with grape seeds
80 minutes: 90€ //

Olive therapy

Exfoliation with olives
Mud with olive paste
Massage with olive oil
80 minutes: 90€ //

Wine route

An intoxicating pleasure where the juice of the grapes is no longer limited to delighting the palate but is also used a health therapy.

Wine bath
Exfoliation with a mud of grapes and wine
Body hydration
Facial wine-sensation.

110minutes: 120€ //

Liquid Gold

Olives are not just a food; they also have a wide range of therapeutic properties
Exfoliante y fango oliva
Hidratación corporal
Facial oil-sensación
80minutes: 100€ //


We offer the opportunity to prepare a personalized gift and exclusive way, with our splendid "gift cards" and our products "wooden box".
Dig in a little on the phone: +34 945 621 130

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