Laguardia and the surrounding area is full of history, art, culture and life. As capital of the Rioja wine in Alava, provides a culture surrounding wine and gastronomy. We show some of the experiences that await for you in the environment of Laguardia.

paseo a caballo por los alrrededores de Laguardia

horseback riding

You can live a very pleasant day enjoying nature trails as you ride by wonderful vineyards. A favorable activity for all ages and guided by qualified instructors. Check Rates and Availability at the hotel

uvas en Laguardia preparadas para la vendimia


Enjoy an extraordinary experience around the world of wine, which will explain how to work the vineyard and the entire winemaking process, from grape picking to bottling of wines of high quality. Check Rates and Availability at the hotel

detalle del pórtico de la  Iglesia de Santa María de los Reyes


Alava Rioja's capital is a town whose streets and corners a perfectly preserved medieval flavor. One of the most charming towns of Spain. Santa María de los Reyes and polychrome portico XIV in the seventeenth century, is one of the many jewels that will agaurdan in this villa.

spa de Hospedería Los Parajes

After strolling through the picturesque scenery provided Laguardia recommend a visit to the spa for the Hotel in the depths of the palace. Enter a world of sensations, unique, dedicated to wine therapy, a unique Spa,

copa de vino en una cata en Laguardia


It is one of the most interesting activities to do in RiojaAlavesa in a unique environment, our draft of the sixteenth century. In this course you will learn the methodology of wine tasting but in a very close and fun in order to learn to use the five senses in a simple and practical way. See dates of availability and price at the hotel

hombre montado en bici en una ruta de Laguardia


The geographical environment and rioja Alvesa Laguardia generally forms an optimal setting for the practice of this sport. Many paths and marked trails await. Rural roads full of crops, wetlands, mountains, vineyards, medieval towns, with.. a paradise for lovers of mountain biking.

gente celebrando en las fiestas de Laguardia


ARTY OF SAN JUAN AND SAN PEDRO. Between 23 and 29 June the normality leaves its streets in Laguardia for a few days. Everything becomes fun and joy to will celebrate their patron.

FEAST OF SAN JUAN DEGOLLADO Dance The Brotherhood of St. John 'Degollao' brotherhood with defensive walls origin and therefore essentially warrior, celebrates its day on August 29. This party is the perfect finale to the summer season in Laguardia.

PIPER DAY The second Sunday of May, celebrates one of the most popular holidays of Laguardia, Bagpiper Day is attracting a greater number of people.

SAN BLAS FESTIVITIES The Sunday closest to February 3rd marks the day of San Blas in Páganos, and perhaps for being the first festival of the year in the area, are so popular. Laguardia whole 'low' to Páganos. Chulalai were dancing and kissing the relic. It is a day that are typical sausage soups, the pastry and red wine.

BERBERANA PILGRIMAGE The first Saturday of September, celebrates the traditional pilgrimage to Berberana, small hermitage located in the foothills of the mountains, very close to the dolmen of Sotillo.

globo sobrevolando los campos de Laguardia


We offer you the possibility to make a unique experience, to feel the sense of freedom you reach when climbing above the clouds, while admiring the stunning sea of ​​vineyards. Check Rates and Availability at the hotel

plato en la cena del restaurante de Laguardia


At the restaurant "Las Duelas" every first Friday of the month, we offer dinner acompained commented. For those who are interested in trying different types of food and different types of wines is the ideal place. We work with a different winery from Rioja Alavesa area at each appointment. You can make reservations for the hotel. You specify the menu, wine cellar and guest price.

familia paseando en carroza por los campos de Laguardia


Vineyards landscape stained bright green in spring and in autumn reds. A stage full of wineries of great interest by the fame of its wines and for its architecture. As "Marqués de Riscal" (Frank Gehry), "Ysios" of (S. Calatrava) or "Baigorri" (Iñaki Aspiazu). And the hundred-year-old winery of Laguardia, "Bodegas Palacio", dating from 1894. The region of Rioja, Alava, boasts walled towns with manor houses, palaces and prehistoric remains as the town of La Hoya or the spectacular dolmens "The Encinal" and "The Sorceress Shanty".

Dólmenes de “El Encinal” y “La
           Chabola de la Hechicera” cerca de Laguardia

Other towns like Leza, Elciego Oyón-OION, Lapuebla de Labarca and Labastida are also towns of interest for tourists.